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Systematic review and meta-analysis reinforces the significant prevalence of trismus (equal to or less than 35 mm MIO) in head & neck cancer patients up to 10 years post treatment. 

Included in the review were 23 studies and 15 meta-analysis reviews with results from 2786 patients. Patients' treatment included surgery, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy singly or in combination. Between 3-10 years out, an average of 32.6% patients continued to suffer from trismus. Cancer in the oral cavity or oropharynx put patients at a higher risk for trismus. 

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Have trismus? Receiving treatment for Oral or Nasal Cancer?
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Watters, AL, Cope, S, Keller, MN, Padilla, M, Enciso, R. Prevalence of trismus in patients with head and neck cancer: A systematic review with meta-analysis. Head & Neck. 2019; 1-14.

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