TMJ pain is unpredictable and can strike at anytime, and anywhere. Knowing a few tricks to relieve your pain is essential to your comfort and life’s enjoyment. Massaging your masseter muscles, otherwise known as your cheek muscles can give big relief.

Your masseter muscle, which is one of the strongest muscles in your body, tenses up when in a stressful situation and can cause extreme distress when eating speaking or chewing. Simple relaxation and massage can ease the tension of a tight painful jaw.

To begin, simply open and separate your upper and lower teeth and concentrating on your breathing,  Next press the pad side of your thumb on both sides, just below your cheekbone, about 1 inch in front of your ear. Start with gentle inward and upward pressure using a circular motion to push out the tension from the muscles. You can increase the pressure to reach your comfort level, and some sweet relief to that unpredictable TMJ pain.

Read more and see a video on TMJ Self-Massage here.

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