drooling babyAs a patient with Lupus and Sjogren's syndrome, I am always looking for a relief to some of the symptoms.  I recently went for my routine 6 moth check up with my rheumatologist.

Dry Mouth is a major issue for me, so when visiting my doctor I mentioned it to him, and he gave me a prescription for Salagen (pilocarpine) 5 mg. Normal dosing is one 10 mg. pill 3 times-a-day.

That night after dinner I took my medications as I normally do, including the Salagen. As I continued to do my chores and clean up the kitchen I felt myself beginning to perspire. Within about 15 minutes my clothes were soaking wet from perspiration, and I could feel little streams of sweat running down my body.  I also had a full mouth of saliva, which was my goal, but I could do without the sweating.  I could not imagine taking it 3 times-a-day.

So it is back to lozenges and oral sprays for me.  My lesson learned, I will make sure to read the side-effects online before taking the plunge with a new medication.

Find more information on Salagen (pilocarpine) side effects, here at Medicinenet.com.
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What has your experience been with Salagen?  Like it, or hate it?  Comment to let us know.

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