Medicare Coverage for the TheraBite System
The TheraBite jaw motion rehab system is no longer billable to Medicare based on direction from the manufacturer. However, we do have other product and payment options available. Call us at 1-800-206-8381 to further discuss this process and alternative options.

This change occurred last year due to a reclassification of jaw motion rehab systems under Medicare. In April 2014, Medicare changed its policy concerning routinely purchased items, including the Therabite and OraStretch press jaw motion rehab systems. Based on a very strict reading of the law, they reclassified these items as rental units.

However, the TheraBite system and OraStretch press devices are also considered single-patient items by the FDA. They are used in the mouth, have no tested sterilization protocols and thus cannot be re-used.

This conflict has created a situation where the TheraBite system is no longer being billed to Medicare, as it cannot be returned. Instead, patients are now required to sign an ABN (Advanced Beneificary Notice) and purchase the TheraBite system at a discounted price.

Are you a Medicare patient with a prescription for a TheraBite device? We can help further explain this process and offer you alternative options. Call us at 1-800-206-8381 to discuss. You can also see the alternative OraStretch press in comparison to the TheraBite here.



Date 1/7/2021

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