After his surgery, Graham created an awesome list of Recovery Tips on his blog, including both pre-surgery to-do's and after the surgery advice.  

His tips include physical suggestions like drink lots of water and start using lip balm right away, but also emphasize the social and mental recovery of calling people and feeling confident.  The comments also have a some great feedback and other helpful hints.  

His blog has a wealth of information from a fellow double jaw surgery patient.  Thanks for the info Graham.

Are you having a surgery soon?  I highly suggest you follow this advice and  pick up the following essentials before your surgery...

Read Graham's recovery tips for a jaw surgery. 



Date 2/6/2013

hi my son has been through 3 surgerys in 3 months to replace the right bottom jaw bone now the bone is dead and there talking about takeing bone from his hip and putting that in its place nothing they have done has worked and we are scared too death is there not a subsutute bone they could replace it with and it work

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