Over their lifetime, over three quarters of people can have TMJ problems, but only 5-10% actually need therapy.  These and other interesting facts on TMJ disorder are reviewed in a great overview article in the NY Times by Jane Brody.

The article discusses what doctors now understand to cause TMJ problems, new assessment techniques, and therapy options.  Researchers have found that malocclusion is rarely, if ever, a cause of TMJ disorder, and that the most common problem is myofascial pain disorder. 

The doctors recommend visiting an integrated TMJ clinic for assessment, and that the most important therapy is usually rest.   Other therapies reviewed include physical therapy, antidepressants, stress and relaxation techniques, mouth guards, and surgery.

The cited doctors emphasize to always avoid expensive or irreversible treatments until all other options have been tried, with surgery as a last resort. 

Visit the complete article "Best Treatment for TMJ May Be Nothing".

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