Jaw TMJ Arthroscopy


Indications: Internal derangements, adhesions, fibrosis, and degenerative joint disease

Description: TMJ arthroscopic surgery is a form of surgery in which a very thin (1/8th inch in diameter) surgical telescope is placed into your upper TMJ space through a very small (1/4 inch) incision directly in front of your ear.  This instrument is used to determine what type of damage exists within your joint and perform corrective maneuvers such as a lysis (breaking up) of adhesions (scar tissue), removal of loose bodies by lavage (washing out the joint), biopsy (tissue sample), and placement of steroid medication.  

TMJ arthroscopic surgery usually works by freeing the disk from being held in a forward position within the socket by adhesions (scar tissue).  Breaking of these adhesions (lysis of adhesions) releases the disk and allows it either to return to a normal or more normal position and allows increased mobility of joint structures.

Post-procedure care: Thermal therapy, pain medication, aggressive physical therapy including motion therapy, close and frequent follow up,

(Please see our Post-surgical Rehabilation page for more information.)

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