Internal dInternal derangementerangement is a Temporomandibular Joint disorder which manifests it's self in the abnormal position of the TMJ disk. It is 3-5 times more common in women, then men. You can find the details of this interesting Essay by The Boston University School of Medicine, on Medscape Nurse News.

Common cuses of Internal Derangement are often Trauma, Malocclusion, Bruxism, stress, and congenital bone abnormalities. Internal derangementmanifestsit's self with abnormal disk morphology  and position. As the disease progresses the disk may perforate or become displaced. The most common displacement of the disk is anterior. Early detection is KEY to inhibiting disease progression.

This the the Second in a series of 5 parts, On Mr Imaging and diseases of the TMJ.

Check out the full Essay at Medscape Nurse News" MR Imaging of the TMJ: A pictorial Essay: Internal Derangement" from Applied Radiology.


Awais Khalid

Date 6/2/2023

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