Tips for cleaning and refreshing the XEROS mouthpieces.  Useful for cleaning after wearing the mouthpieces all night, or to restart using them again after a break.

To clean the Sponge Mouthpieces:
  • After EACH use (at the end of the day, or first thing in the morning).
  • Place the sponge under running tap water, and compress the sponge several times.
  • You will feel the "slime" at first, but it will rinse off after several compressions.  
  • Then dry the sponge thoroughly with tissue or a towel, and the mouthpiece will feel dry and "fluffy".  (Or remove the wet sponge and allow to dry, and replace with another sponge while the first is drying).  
You can also dip the mouthpiece in no-alcohol mouthwash after rinsing with water, and then allow to dry.

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