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CranioRehab Hot/Cold Facial Cooler System
CranioRehab Hot/Cold Facial Cooler System

Hot/Cold Jaw Cooler System - JawBra for Pad ONLY

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JawBra for the Hot/Cold Cooler system
Part Number: CR2051
Availability: In Stock
Ordering Process:
1. Order the system to be shipped to you before your surgery. You're bill will include a $100 deposit on the cooler.
2. Read the directions, and take the system with you to the hospital or doctors office.
3. Apply and use the system to manage the pain and swelling for up to 2 weeks.
4. Return the reusable components with the pre-paid shipping, and the deposit will be refunded back to your credit card.
Quantity Price
3 - 4 $28.50
5 - 9 $27.75
10+ $27.00
The JawBra for the circulating pad with the cooler system ONLY. The Hot/Cold Jaw Cooler System uses compression and thermal therapy for reduced swelling and pain of the jaw and face.

The cooler system pad JawBra is for single-patient use.  The jawbra and pads can be cleaned, but should not be reused by different patients, as they can not be adequately sanitized. 

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