Fighting Trismus with a Better Fit! OraStretch Press Sizes

        Fit Options for the OraStretch® Press 

Special Needs?  

The OraStretch press is available in 5 versions to better fit your patients' needs.  

We understand that one size does not fit all!

Other Options!  Extended Handles!

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have a patient with special needs! We will adapt the OraStretch press in a variety of ways!



                OraStretch Foam Bite Pads

Standard Pads

1/8" thick; available in  standard & pediatric size. These firmer pads indent to the teeth to prevent slipping.

Edentulous Pads

3/8" extra thick, softer pads for patients missing teeth or with dentures. 

Standard size only.



                   Bite Pad Helpful Tricks 

- Clean pads with a toothbrush or dip ONLY the bite plates/pads in mouthwash.
- Do not wet entire unit or put in dishwasher.

- Before placing pads on bite plate, clean the bite plate with non oil-based soap
  and water and let dry completely.

- Apply pads at night and allow adhesion overnight before use.
- For a variety of dentition - cut pads as needed! 

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