Facial Flex - Adult Microstomia Prevention Appliance

Facial Flex - Adult Microstomia Prevention Appliance

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The Adult Facial Flex microstomia prevention appliance (MPA) uses dynamic bands to stretch the lips and provides resistance for muscle training and to prevent microstomia. The system includes the Facial Flex and various resistance bands. Bands should be changed weekly and can be purchases as needed.

As microstomia usually develops over time, prevention with an appliance like the Facial Flex can reduce the occurrence of microstomia. Contracture of the lips from burn scarring and tissue fibrosis may be limited by early intervention with a microstomia prevention appliance (MPA).

The Facial Flex is an external and horizontal microstomia prevention appliance. Dynamic force from replaceable bands presses the lips apart to prevent the closing of the lips in microstomia.

Horizontal microstomia prevention appliances are not indicated and does not prevent lower lip eversion when the scar is placed adjacent to the vermillion borders. Additionally, horizontal microstomia prevention appliances may cause skin breakdown and prevention retention of oral secretions.

Burn Therapy and Microstomia Prevention Protocol:
To use the Facial Flex as a microstomia prevention appliance (MPA), it should be worn 6-8 hours per day.  Start with shorter intervals and build up to 8 hours per day.  The MPA can be worn pre- and post-graphing.    Remove the MPA for eating/drinking (P.O. intake) and to talk/converse if necessary.
To insert the Facial Flex for microstomia prevention:
  1. Apply lubricant to lips (vaseline, chapstick, etc) 
  2. Add lowest tension band to the inner white clasps of the Facial Flex.
  3. Insert one of the white sides of the Facial Flex against the lip on the side of the mouth.  
  4. Stretch opposite side of lips around the other side of the Facial Flex.
  5. Widen the Facial Flex as necessary, by squeezing the internal white clasps with the band together.
  6. Add higher tension bands to hold device open. 
  7. Wear as tolerated for up to 8 hours per day.  Do not sleep with the device if at risk of choking hazard or any other limiting condition.

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