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Facial Flex -16oz Replacement Flex-Bands Pack

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16oz Replacement Bands for the Faical Flex device
Part Number: CR4050-B16
Availability: 3-5 Days
16oz Replacement pack of Flex-bands for the Facial Flex device.  The packs includes approximately 3-months worth of bands. 

The Facial Flex system uses dynamic bands to stretch the lips and provides resistance for muscle training and to prevent microstomia. Resistance bands are available in 6oz, 8oz and 14oz sizes.  

As your comfort and/or strength improves, you can increase the resistance of the Facial Flex with higher resistance bands. Click here for replacement 6oz Facial-Flex band packs, 8oz Facial-Flex band packs, or 16oz Facial-Flex band packs

The Facial Flex is an external and horizontal facial exerciser and microstomia prevention appliance. Dynamic force from replaceable bands presses the lips apart to prevent the closing of the lips in microstomia.

Resistance bands should be replaced weekly. The bands fatigue, providing less resistance over time.

Remove the existing band by pulling it off the mounts located in the middle of the Facial Flex device. Stretch a new band over the mounts, and make sure it is properly positioned on both mounts to prevent binding.

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