When it comes to visiting our Doctors and Emergency Rooms some patients overly down-play their symptoms.  Rod Moser, PA, PhD has a great piece on WebMD on how to be more accurate and precise when explaining our symptoms for an improved diagnosis and treatment.

Some patients complain about everything, and hand their doctor a diagnostic jigsaw puzzle, loaded with confusing facts and conflicts. But other patients down-play pertinent information to themselves, leaving out critical information.

Do you downplay symptoms?  Don't want to be a hassle?  Dr. Moser makes clear that it is best to be up front and honest with your healthcare provider, so they can make an accurate diagnosis and treatment for your ailment.

In our experience at CranioRehab, many of our patients frequently misinterpret TMJ (temporomandibular joint) symptoms. They see the symptoms as migraine headaches, or teeth and mouth problems. Some have neck, jaw and upper back pain, all of which can be associated to a TMJ problem. It is important to recognize a TMJ issue early and treat appropriately.  Learn more about TMJ symptoms on our website, here. 

Read the full article at Web MD on "The Fine Art Of Explaining Your Symptoms"

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