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DynaCleft® Positioning Strips - UNILATERAL packs
DynaCleft Unilateral Positioning Strip

DynaCleft® Positioning Strips - UNILATERAL packs

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DynaCleft® Positioning Strips for pre-surgical positioning of a unilateral cleft lip.   For parents, we also offer a complete, discounted New Baby DynaCleft Pre-Surgical Kit for the estimated 10-12 weeks before cleft surgery.  And for providers, we have DynaCleft 2-week Starter Kits to get families started withe DynaCleft system.

The DynaCleft Unilateral Positioning Strip includes a gentle adhesive on each end to grip the skin, while the elastic silicone center gently pulls the cleft lip together and responds to the baby's movement. The adhesive is light enough for repositioning without distressing the baby's skin, and is easy to remove and replace for each day's use. The tension from the silicone helps reposition the lip and tissues to improve the cleft lip surgery for better cosmetic and functional outcomes. The DynaCleft Positioning Strips can be used on their own, with the DynaCleft® Nasal Elevator, or with an intra-oral plate like a NAM appliance.

Each pack includes 7-strips for daily use of the DynaCleft Positioning Strips over one week. The strips should be changed every day for the first 6-8 weeks, and then may be changed every 1-2 days until the cleft repair surgery  

The New Baby kit includes 8 week-packs of  DynaCleft Positioning Strips for a 10-12 week pre-surgical supply in one easy, discounted package.  If you purchase a kit, we'll provide additional packs at the same discounted price with free shipping.  Have extras at the end?  Return any unopened packs in their sealed cardboard for a full pro-rated refund of each DynaCleft packs* or donate extra unused packs for cleft surgery mission trips.  

The DynaCleft Positioning Strips are also available in a BILATERAL configuration for patients with a bilateral cleft lip

Prescription (Rx) Requirement Info:
Due to FDA regulations, a prescription is required to purchase all DynaCleft® products directly. To provide an Rx, please send it to us by:
   1) Uploading a picture of the Rx with the order, or
   2) Email a photo of the Rx to us at [email protected], or
   3) Fax a copy of the Rx to us at 303-480-9115.
If we do not receive a copy of the Rx with the order, we will email you to request a copy or will work with you to obtain an Rx from your doctor.

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