measuring cupml., cc., oz.,lb., gm.,qt.,pt.,C., Tbsp., or a pinch?  All are symbols, weights and measurements we use to cook and combined ingredients.  When I was a kid we measured in pounds (lb) ounces (oz) and cups (C).  With our changing globalized society we are now seeing more and adapting to the international, or metric measuring system.

We are more often seeing things measured in milliliters (ml)  and cubic centimeters (cc) strangely enough these are the same amounts. This can all be confusing to us baby boomers who grew up on ounces, cups and pounds.We used the English Measuring System as opposed to the International Metric Measuring System. Look at these conversion links to make calculating your next recipe a breeze.

When using this information with the NutriSqueeze Feeding Pouches keep in mind that each Pouch holds approximately 1 cup equal to 240 ml/cc.
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