To simplify ordering please access our online Rx-Order form at to order:
the OraStretch® press, Salvate™ Oral Hydration system, TheraPacer™ Jaw mobilizer, and DynaCleft® products. 
A copy of our Rx-Order form is below and available online:

Additionally, our partner Forward Science is now manufacturing hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant. See below for pricing. 
Use our Forward Science Sanitizer and Disinfectant Form to order with a credit card, or call us for more info.

       CranioRehab Rx-Order Form Attachment


   Forward Science Order Form Attachment

*  FS Hand Sanitizer is an 80% alcohol antiseptic hand rub, manufactured to the specifications of the World Health Organization.

*  FS Solid Surface Disinfectant is 3% Hydrogen Peroxide.

*  Packaged in an FDA regulated facility in Stafford, Texas.
Hand sanitizer and disinfectant bottles

Hand Sanitizer Available in:

  • 6 x 16oz spray bottles - $100
  • 1x1 package (1-gallon jug, 1 x 16oz bottle, 1 funnel) - $125
  • 55-gallon drum - $2,750
  • 275-gallon tote - $12,500
Surface Disinfectant Available in:
  • 6 x 22oz spray bottles - $75
  • 2x6 package (2-gallon jugs, 6 x 22oz bottles) - $160
  • 55-gallon drum - $825

CranioRehab Trismus Treatment and Prevention

Woman using OraStretch press
  • Provides passive motion to treat and prevent trismus and joint dysfunction.
  • We confirm insurance eligibility and billing.
  • Includes free shipping, free size exchanges and a limited lifetime warranty.
  • OraStretch power bands work with the OraStretch press device to provide dynamic stretching and active resistance therapy. 
For purchase orders (POs) or institutional pricing, please fax the order to 303-480-9115 or email to [email protected]
SalivaMax and Orapeutic
Woman with Cryojaw wrap

If you have any questions or requests, please call us at 1-800-206-8381 or email us at [email protected]

OraStretch®, Salvate™, Nutrisqueeze ™, Therapacer™, Helping People Say Ahhhhh!™ are trademarks of CranioMandibular Rehab, Inc.  Dynacleft™ is a trademark of SouthMedic LLC. SalivaMax® and Orapeutic™ are trademarks of Forward Science. Tongueometer™ is a trademark of E2 Scientific Corp.


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