This is a nutritious breakfast smoothie you can put in your travel mug and enjoy on your commute!


     ½ cup       Milk

     ½ cup       Frozen raspberries or strawberries

     1               Banana, cut up into chunks

     2 Tbsp.     Chopped almonds or sunflower seeds

     2 Tbsp.     Wheat germ

     2 Tbsp.     Ground flax seeds

     ¼ cup       Plain yogurt

     1 tsp.        Grated fresh ginseng root

Combine all ingredients in your blender. Secure the lid and blend from low to high speed until smooth. You can switch up the fruit for many flavor combinations, try one fresh peach, apple or pear, just peel, pit and chop before adding to blender.  Enjoy!!

This smoothie was modified from The Smoothie Bible, second edition.

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