How do I clean my the pads and mouthpieces on the TheraBite device?
The easiest way, is to dip the biteplates and pads into mouthwash.  Let set for 30 sec, then rinse and let dry on a clean towel. 

Old fashion, soap and water works great on your TheraBite jaw motion device. General use dish soap works fine with a little elbow grease and warm water.  Gently wash just the biteplates and pads, and rinse.  Set it out to dry on a clean towel.

Do not put the TheraBite device in the dishwasher.  It can be set in the upper rack, but its not worth the risk of damage from the hot, hot water.  The prolonged cycle can also unnecessarily shorten the life and adhesion of the bitepads. 

How do I Apply the Cushion TheraBite Pads?
The bitepads are soft, foam, crescent shaped cushions that you apply to the biting surface of each oral interface bite plate or mouthpiece of the TheraBite system. The pad has a peel off paper backing that exposes a sticky adhesive. To apply the pad:
  1. Remove the paper backing. 
  2. Gently place the sticky side of the pad to the biting surface of each bite plate.
  3. Press firmly into place.
  4. Allow the glue to set for about an hour before use, for best adhesion.
When should I replace the pads?  How long do they last?
The pads are provided to hold your teeth on the device and provide a small amount of cushion.  The pads do not provide a significant amount of padding, but instead act like custom impressions on the mouthpieces. 

If your pads are slipping or soiled ("gross") it is time for a pad change. The pads will also become ridged from your bite and have your teeth marks, This is normal and will assure the same fit every time you use your exercise devise. This does not warrant the changing of cushion pads.

Normally, the pads will last about 3-12+ months, under normal use.  Some patients will never need to change them.  Allowing the pads to fully dry after use and clean pads will lengthen the life of the bitepads.  Good hygiene, like wiping the saliva off the bite plates after each use and cleaning them regularly, will also help extend the life of the pads.

A small minority of users will need 1-2 sets of pads per month.  These patients will either have a jaw movement with teeth that slide on the mouthpieces and pulls the pads loose.  Other patients have a reactive saliva that causes the glue on the pads to loosen.  Wiping the saliva off can increase the longevity of your pads.

How do I remove old pads, and replace them with new bitepads?

To remove the old pads, slide a finger or razor blade under the old pad and try to peel it off.  Try to remove as much old glue and pad as possible, you can use nail polish remover, acetone or other glue remover if you want, but its not necessary. 

Be sure to thoroughly wash and dry your TheraBite appliance before replacing the pads. Carefully peel off the paper backing to expose the sticky surface of the pad. Gently place the sticky side of the pad to the biting surface of the bite plate. Firmly  press into place, Then allow the glue to set before about 1 hour before use.

  • If your cushions are not sticking well or are sliding around, try scuffing up the surface of the bite plates before placing them.  Use some light sand paper or a nail file.  The rough surface will facilitate better stickability. 
  • Pads for the TheraBite come in 3 sizes, standard, pediatric and edentulous.   Make sure you know which kind you have when ordering more.
  • If you're missing teeth or wear dentures, use the edentulous pads for increased padding and a better fit.  You can always cut the standard and edentulous pads to best fit your teeth. 
  • We carry less expensive CranioRehab brand pads that will also fit on the TheraBite. 

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