The CRAC 5-5-30 is an aggressive stretching protocol for the jaw to help overcome trismus with a TheraBite or OraStretch® press.  It updates the standard 5-5-30 or 7-7-7 protocol by incorporating a PNF CRAC (Contract-Relax with Antagonist Contract) stretching session.

Caution: This is very aggressive.  Do not be used right before activity like eating. Not recommended for children under-18.  Confer with your doctor or therapist before using.

Do the 5-5-30, replacing one session with CRAC.   The 5-5-30 is to do 5 stretching session each day.  Do five stretches with your OraStretch® press each session.  And hold each stretch for 30 seconds. 

CRAC Session:  
- Partially open the mouth with the device, and bite down against the mouthpieces for 20 secs. 
- Open the mouth wide on own for 20 secs. Relax.
- Stretch with device for 20 secs.
- Relax for 60 secs.  Repeat 2 more times.

When stretching, only open to feel a light stretch. 3-4 on a scale of 1 to 10.  You should feel it, but it should not cause any sharp pain.   Overstretching can lead to muscle spasms or tissue tears, further inhibiting rehab and function. 

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