I was recently Dry Mouth Remedtcontacted by a friend of mine, who's Mom was suffering from severe dry mouth as a result of chemo and radiation therapy. She had tried all the usual remedies and could find nothing that gave her true relief for more then a few moments.

A few months earlier, I had attended a seminar for SPOHNC, Support for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer. While attending I picked up a few samples one of them being "Mouth Kote" for some of my patients with dry mouth, so I gave one to my friend.

The following day my friend called to tell me how wonderfully the "Mouth Kote" worked for her Mom. I was so happy to hear that it worked so well that I am blogging about it to get the word out. If you or anyone you know and love suffers from Dry Mouth advise them to try "Mouth Kote" it really helps!

What are your experiences with Mouth Kote? Share them to help other patients.

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