Jaw ROM Scales

Jaw range-of-motion (ROM) scales are disposable paper measuring scales for patients and providers to measure the opening, movement and function of the mouth and jaw.

With simple use and accurate tracking, patients are motivated and clinicians feel more assured in progress. By quantifying the treatment method and results with concrete measurements, better diagnosis and treatment is possible.and use throughout the day.  

The OraStretch® ROM scales were specifically designed for patients with severely limited openings.  The tapered ruler design allow for measurement of the smallest openings, down to 3mm.  The OraStretch ROM scales also include a lateral movement scale and a pro/retrusion scale.  These allow the provider to better gauge the total 360-degree movement of the patients jaw.

The OraStretch MIO Scales provided improved visibility, and a vertical, lateral and protrusion scale.  They also include a small scale for improved measurement of very restricted openings. 

Range-of-Motion Scale Comparison
  OraStretch ROM Scales TheraBite ROM ScalesOraStretch MIO Scales

Vertical Scale Yes YesYes
Lateral Scale Yes YesYes
Pro/Retrusion Scale Yes NoYes
Minimum ROM 3mm 5mm3mm
Pack 50 Scales 30 Scales50 Scales
Cost per Pack $19.99 $23.99$19.99
Cost per Scale 38 cents 80 cents38 cents
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