Prescribe a Product

You can prescribe an OraStretch press, TheraBite system, or Therapacer jaw CPM for patients. We will confirm insurance coverage and benefits for the patient, and contact them to provide the equipment.   Use our Prescription-Order form with Certificate of Medical Necessity, which includes all the information we need to get started.  Therapists and other non-prescribing providers (SLP, PT, RNs), can create a referral for the product for a patient. Send us the referral to have CranioRehab request a prescription from the patient's doctor.  Use the  online order form to refer a patient for a Rx, or review the referral process here.  Use the links below, or visit our Downloads page for these forms and our brochures.  

ONLINE OraStretch Press Order Form:
To prescribe or refer a patient for an OraStretch press, please complete our online order form

Prescribing a product for a Patient by email or fax:

  • Download and complete the Rx-Order form (PDF download)
    • Make sure to include your NPI and the patients insurance information.
  • Fax the Rx-CMN form to us at 303-480-9115.
  • Inform the patient of the Rx Order, and download and print out a brochure for them.

The Next Steps--Ordering, Insurance, and Delivery:

After receiving the Order Form, CranioRehab will:
  • Contact the patient and provider for more information as needed.
  • Confirm coverage, benefits, and exclusions with the patient's insurance company.
  • Contact the patient about the order, their insurance benefits and any pre-auth requirements.
  • Confirm the final purchase and delivery information with the patient.
This process generally takes 2-5 days, and most of our products include ground free shipping. However insurance authorization, phone tag, and other issues can sometimes significantly delay the process.