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PRESCRIBE: Doctors can prescribe and order a jaw motion rehab system or other prescription item for a patient.    Download and fill out the Prescription-Order form and fax it to us at 303-480-9115.  We will confirm the patient's coverage and benefits, and contact them to provide the equipment.  Please visit our Prescribe a Product page for more details, forms, and links.

REFER FOR PRESCRIPTION: Therapists and other non-prescribing providers can create a product referral to recommend a product and have CranioRehab request a prescription from the patient's doctor.  Please visit our Product Referral page for more details, forms, and links.

ORDER ONLINE: To order products directly through this site with professional and volume discounts, please Register Here or Login to your account.  When you are logged in as a provider you will see the discounted prices and can order with a purchase order #.   

Professional registration requires a request and approval by a site administrator, and can take up to 24 hours. You must provide an NPI # or business Tax ID to be registered as a US provider.  Foreign providers must provide a professional ID for registration.

Additionally, in the downloads page we have other forms, including a product order forms and our W-9 for easy access.